Latest News:

06/08/08 Updated the Yamaha Radian section

01/08/08 Updates to site in general, all sections

01/05/08 Updates to triumph section and blown banana pages added

22/03/08 Loads of updates to triumph section

24/02/08 Triumph chop section updated

08/01/08 Clubsport section updated with car pc details

17/11/07 Aprilia RS125 Section updated 

31/10/07 Aprilia RS125 section updated

26/10/07 BMW clubsport section added

06/07/07 Delay in updates due to new pc and lack of softwares. Now all sorted and updates aplenty, Updated with new RS125 section, updated Farty's regal section and trike section soon as its been sold! Site is now running from the new server too. May get updated design possibly?

14/04/07 Kitten section updated

01/04/07 Kitten and Scimitar sections updated

27/03/07 Kitten and Regal sections added blimey

28/02/07 Scimitar section updated,NEW SITE COMING SOON

26/02/07 Scimitar section updated,

31/01/07 Scimitar section update with loads of piks and info on misadventure

13/12/06 Scimitar section updated, new wheels and photos.

02/12/06 Scimitar section updated.

29/11/06 New SCIMITAR section added

25/06/06 Updated Trike section with fuel tank work

24/06/06 Updated CB125 Restoration page

21/05/06 Added CB125 restoration project in 'iron pumas' section

21/04/06 Updated Trike section, tis back together and has a 4-2 exhaust system.

02/04/06 Got the XJ900 engine running, have a look at the video here

26/03/06 Updated the XJ900 trike section with frame repairs and a new engine!

14/03/06 Uploaded site to new host. dont know if it will be any better but i now have much more webspace :) and plan to update the site with plenty more project stuff when i get the time

30/01/06 Added a new section to the mechanics and fab part of the site showing the changing of a rear quater panel on a vauxhall corsa b

15/01/06 Updated the engine rebuild on the xj900 trike section

30/12/05 Finished updating the XJ900 trike build section but the sledge section is still to come, find the trike details in the 'Iron Pumas' section

26/12/05 Working on updating the site with a new trike section and possibly a new grecet sledge soon too! a few days and it will be ready for uploading

04/09/05 The Nightwatcher has been legal since august the 11th now, has been to the bulldog bash and not broken down. Updated photos in the Nightwatcher section under Iron Pumas

11/07/05 The Nightwatcher now runs on my custom loom. now i have to get it legal. Photos in the nightwatcher section

08/05/05 Finished the Gamble gold at last. new photos can be found on its page in the iron pumas seciton

17/04/05 Added Suffolk 75cc engine rebuild guide under the mech+fab section

10/04/05 updated pug gti section with vid from santapod which can also be found here, with me getting a 15.6 time (pretty good for first day down the strip) and beating my mates Audi a3 Tsport (he was most pissed off)

22/02/05 Added 106 GTi section. more will be added when i pick the car up on tuesday 1st of march



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